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 Republican Donors 2000

This is a listing of all the Republican Party's biggest donors for the year to Dec 31st 2000, excluding those from trade bodies or associations.

(In order of dollar amount)

Source: Boycott Bush


 MBNA $3.0m

Philip Morris $2.9m

Microsoft $2.4m

AT&T $2.4m

UPS $2.3m

Bristol Myers Squibb $2.1m

Verizon $2.0m

Pfizer $1.9m

SBC $1.9m

Enron $1.8m

Citigroup $1.8m

Federal Express $1.7m

Time Warner/AOL $1.6m

Credit Suisse $1.6m

Ernst & Young $1.5m

UST $1.5m

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter $1.5m

Lockheed Martin $1.5m

Union Pacific $1.5m

Freddie Mac $1.4m

Bell South $1.4m

Glaxo Wellcome $1.3m

Amway $1.3m

Price W'house Coopers $1.3m

Deloite & Touche $1.3m

Eli Lily $1.3m

Goldman Sachs $1.2m

Anderson W'wide $1.2m

Merrill Lynch $1.2m

Exxon Mobil $1.2m

WorldCom Inc $1.2m

Lehman Brothers $1.1m

International Paper $1.1m

General Electric $1.1m

Global Crossing $1.1m

MGM Mirage $1.1m

Koch $1.0m

Aflac $1.0m

Paine Webber $1.0m

American $1.0m

Financial Gp

Boeing $1.0m

Southern Co $1.0m

Ltd Inc $950k

BP Amoco $950k

KPMG $900k

Am'can Airlines $900k

Schering Plough $900k

Brown & Williamson $880k

Bank Pharmacia/Upjohn $850k

One $850k

Qwest $850k

Anheuser Busch $850k

Cintas Corp $828k

MandalayResort Gp $810k

Lehman Bros $810k

Reynolds Tobacco $810k

Fannie Mae $800k

Bank of America $800k

American Int Gp $800k

GAF $800k 

Chevron Texaco $800k

Paso $790k

CSX $770k

Burlington North $770k

General Dynamics $750k

American $740k

Home Prods

Joseph Seagram $740k

PepsiCo $720k

Chase Manhatten $700k

FPL Group $685k

Dominion Resources $680k

Prudential $900k

USX Corp $650k

Northwest Airlines $650k

Aventis $650k

First Energy $640k

Reliant Energy $640k

Walt Disney $640k

WalMart $630k

Cisco Systems $630k

Texas Utilities $630k

AEI Resources $630k

Westwood One $620k

Coca Cola $610k

Amgen $600k

K Mart $590k

United Airlines Corp $570k

Home Depot $560k

Duchossois Inds $550k

Archer Daniels Midland $530k

Edison Int'l $530k

Ford $510k

General Motors $510k

Daimler Chrysler $500k